I’m glad you’re here! I wanted to tell you a little bit how awesome these shoots are and how I’m a little different from the rest. Well first off, a lifestyle shoot is something I’ve been booking a lot more than regular sessions. What it is, is a session of your family that is me getting to know you as people and not just clients, getting to know your awesome kids, and not just capturing poses but capturing a fun day! Below are images from the Lifestyle shoot I just did, I thought it was the PERFECT session to use to show you what this new package really is.

This session was booked just for the kids, but don’t worry mom and dad, you can be in it too! (so can your pets!)

I drove about 50min to see these guys and we chose a location that meant a lot to them, their aunt’s lake house (with it’s own private dock/beach!) We had the BEST time! These kids were so sweet and showed me how to build awesome sand castles, and how to do flips into the lake, all sorts of stuff! We of coarse took some posed shots but overall it was a fun, play day, with me tagging along to capture it!

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IMG_8647 IMG_8594


IMG_8600 IMG_8598


IMG_8660 IMG_8669

IMG_8665-2 IMG_8682-2_pp


IMG_8749 IMG_8696


IMG_8753 IMG_8786

IMG_8777 IMG_8792



IMG_8763 IMG_8767-2




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