Have you ever seen someone’s Instagram feed and everything seems to match perfectly? I’ve noticed this is becoming very popular to do and I thought I’d blog a little about it! Instagram is more popular than ever right now and as a business owner it is a great tool to new customers and clients! Near to all my inquiries are through word of mouth and Instagram! Crazy right? So, since this is such a gateway to success, we must embrace it and make it AWESOME!

Step one: What’s your style? 

Are you edgy, hipster, elegant, classy, hippie? Figure out what style you’re going for, check out other Instagrams for inspiration!

Step two: COLORS 

Not every picture needs to be the same color, but if you stick to a minimum of 5 basic colors including neutrals, your feed will start flowing gorgeously!

Step three: Lifestyle + Details

Showing your work is important but what draws people in is honesty, real life, and cute detail shots. I always try and find days where I solely work on photographing details and lifestyle images that match my feed, and I keep them in an album to grab throughout the week!

Below is an example of how throwing in small amounts of the same color can flow gorgeously! 

PicMonkey Collage




1st Pool Day Of The Summer| Instagram Color Schemes




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