Good morning!! My sweet friends, I’m glad you’re here to read this! How am I even going to narrow down such a large topic, from personal experience. In a generation of such creative and artistic people, there are SO many things you can do! From starting a business to traveling the world. It IS possible FYI. Well here you are. You may think you’re behind on living your life but guess what? you’re ahead! You know why? Because you WANT it. You want it enough to click on this blog and find some advice on how to reach for your goals and accomplish them. boom. Now what? Well first you need to find your passion.

  1. What are you passionate about?

It’s okay to work at a job you’re not passionate about. Sometimes in order to reach your goals you have to do the dirty and boring work to save up some money to do things! Do I own a business I’m passionate about? Heck yes! But guess what, I also work an almost full time job as a receptionist. say whatttt? yep! I’m constantly putting money away… when I’m not shopping (;

Figure out your hobbies and skills. Look into careers, part-time jobs, look into everything and anything! You never know what you may find!

Here’s  a list of things I’ve wanted to be as a kid and through high school:

-Film director

-Amusement Park Designer (really meghan?)



-Photo Journalist 

-and…. a baker 

This is what I’m interested in now:

-Destination Wedding Photographer

-Senior Portrait Photographer

-Writing personal and inspirational books (yes this is happening)


-Crafts + Scrapbooking ( I’d LOVE to start a company that helps photographers and other small businesses design packages and goodie bags for their clients!) 

-Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer + Blogger 

See how diverse my “dreams” were? I had NO idea! But I still had ideas and ambition

2. Do what needs to be done to work towards that

Get a degree, don’t get a degree, work full-time, work part-time, volunteer, take workshops, build connections, do what ever you need to do in order to get that dream. Need some inspiration?

Hi. I’m Meghan Santana and I began owning my business at the age of 18, I am a college drop out, and I work two jobs, one is my business and the other is working for a wonderful company that builds roofs, homes, buildings, you name it. I have NO 5 year plan, I hardly know what I’m doing this week. 

I do not have my life together but it’s okay! No one does.


This is a huge must for anything. If you want to succeed in a field of work, you must know what you’re doing. Obvious right? Well actually a lot of people miss this and don’t truly do everything they can to deeply learn the skills they use nor learn new skills! I attend workshops, events, online classes, email other photographers, and I can admit I still don’t know what every button on my camera does… come on.. it’s a lot of buttons. (;

4. Embrace failures and celebrate small victories

I think this is my favorite one. It took me a long time but I realized that failure is a good thing! Wait Meghan you’re talking crazy. No I’m serious! When I fail I like to see why I did, I like to see how it helped me and what I can do better! All my failures have gotten me to where I am today!

for example: My new job as a receptionist, when I first started I was terrified, I have really bad anxiety and I get so nervous on the phone but through the awkward answers I’ve gotten really good! And it has helped me be able to talk to my wedding clients via Skype with no problem.

Celebrating life’s small victories is a HUGE MUST. Sometimes when we focus SO much on reaching big milestones, we miss life’s simple moments, I get so much happiness from small victories, so if you got an 85 on that exam, or you were able to afford filling your gas tank this week or you worked more hours then usual or you made it to the gym or you simply got out of bed be proud about it! applaud yourself! Being your biggest cheerleader is the most important part of being successful.
Being different is what makes you who you are, So..  Be Different Babe



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