We’ve all done it, we’ve all been there. We have compared ourselves to someone more successful, someone happier, someone who seems as if they have it together. I’m here to tell you to stop. This is something that has on and off been eating me alive. Do you realize how many young teenagers suffer with depression and anxiety? In a world that is constantly growing and becoming more skilled and educated, I can hardly keep up! I have always come across on the confident side, and from my life’s experiences I can say yes I am very confident, but I still struggle with comparing. I am not perfect, no one is.

What is comparing? Why is it negative to our life? 

Comparing is when you see someone else and you envy them or wish you were at the place they are. It’s fine to dream. It is okay to use comparing to give you determination to get to a new place. But when we only bring ourself down and bring others down, that isn’t healthy.

So I found this quote shown above.

“Celebrate her success without questioning your own.” 

I absolutely LOVE   this so much! It is a beautiful saying, We need to be able to say “wow her business is doing great I’m so happy for her, that gives me faith in myself!” and not say “Ugh she booked ANOTHER wedding, why have I not booked one?”

This doesn’t just apply to photographers or business owners, it applies to all of us! I know college is hard, I know work is long, I know you may not even know what you want to do or where to begin or where to find the money. It is OKAY.  God is with you, and He has amazing things in store for you I promise that. You are wonderfully made, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish! Work hard and encourage others, don’t try to be better than others, if they’re ahead of you why don’t you send them an email? Ask them for some tips, I’ve done that many times and now I’m friends with those who I used to envy, I don’t want to envy others I want to learn from them, grow in my business, but in a positive way.

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