• Her favorite color is blue because it’s mommy’s favorite color
  • Her favorite animal is a cheetah and a giraffe
  • She wants to be a teacher when she grows up
  • What makes her happy is going to the park + playing Mario Brothers on Wii

Oh to be little again, I love having you in my life, you remind me to enjoy the little things and to get excited about seeing a ladybug on the slide. You always make me giggle and give me huge hugs even when I’m a little grumpy to you. I can’t thank you enough for always showing me the good in people and the fun in life, even though you don’t know you do so. I love you to infinity and beyond cutie.

love, sissy

IMG_4239 IMG_4237



IMG_4199  IMG_4201

IMG_4195  IMG_4194








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