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Hey guys! I know we all have our own New Year Res’ but I wanted to share some things I’ve been doing differently that I ADORE! Maybe it’ll help you or give you new ideas (:

1. Eating more fruits and vegetables + drinking tea

I’m not necessarily eating HEALTHY haha I do love that breakfast chocolate cake (; BUT I am eating way more of this which has cleared my skin tremendously and helps me stay awake!

2. Built a stronger and healthier relationship with my boyfriend + friends

Now what I mean by this is after 3 years dating someone it’s pretty clear you’re spending your life with them so it’s extremely important to have an honest and strong relationship!

Friend wise, I’ve kind of took out some people in my life who weren’t helping me be happy or successful + made some new GREAT friends! (:


Whenever I am home not doing anything I go and hang out with my animals and DON’T judge me we all do it! As silly as it may sound, having more time with animals has helped my stress A LOT.

4. Yoga and reading

I started yoga in January and I adore it so much! It is so nice because you go at your own pace and it helps destress you! So does reading, I am so into motivational and inspiring books!

  • Here’s my favs:
  • Big Magic
  • Why Not Me?
  • Yes Please


Healthy Habits of 2016




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