I recently vacationed to Florida and visited the happiest place on earth (in my opinion). Now before this vacation I was struggling with truly being passionate about photography, I just felt as if I was in a funk, I felt noncreative, uninspired, and just plain unhappy. I NEEDED this vacation, I needed the 85 degrees, the sunlight, the Mickey Mouse (; It was a heart changing time. I knew it was only DAYS until 2016. “How have I STILL not gotten myself together?”  “How am I going to have my spark back?” “Where do I even start?” Honestly there was no real answer to these questions. There never really is ONE way to change, ONE way to be happy, ONE way to be successful.

Always remember that it’s totally normally to be in a funk, everyone does it, some for a week, some for years. What is all up to you is how you handle it. Start by working on yourself, make a list of what you want, and find steps to achieve it!

Find your happiness through your hobbies and passions

Make Lists and schedules

Be a kid every once in a while: color, dance, go to a them park, take a nap!

Just have fun and LOVE yourself!





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Florida Recap| Regaining My Passion




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