I decided to do this blog for a few reasons:

1. Couple Sessions are becoming even more of a demand than engagement sessions!.. whattt

2. I’ve noticed most of these sessions are couples in a longterm/committed relationship

3. Many couples want to book but don’t know what to expect.

As a girl in a longterm relationship myself! (3 years and counting!) I’ve very much appreciated having done professional pictures of us that will last a life time!

Have you ever heard the quote “A picture’s worth a thousand words” ? Well, although it may sound cheesy, it’s true! Every image I capture of you and your girlfriend/boyfriend will mean SO much to you; both in the moment and in years to come!

What to expect?

Both you and your significant other will choose a location that either means a lot to you both, or you just think it’s pretty(; We will meet and greet and then begin walking along the location, I’ve already arrived early to scout out perfect lighting, areas… I’m photographer babbling aren’t I? Anyway! What I mean is you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING! You just follow me and have a great date.. just with a photographer(:

Under this I wanted to share pictures I got at my prom mini sessions! Just to give a glimpse of the love and joy I adore capturing in a shoot if you book(:


View More: http://chickaartistica.pass.us/rachel-and-zach


View More: http://chickaartistica.pass.us/rachel-and-zach

View More: http://chickaartistica.pass.us/rachel-and-zach





View More: http://chickaartistica.pass.us/rachel-and-zach View More: http://chickaartistica.pass.us/rachel-and-zach


View More: http://chickaartistica.pass.us/jenjuniorprom






What to expect in a couple session + why book one?




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