Yesterday Trevor and I got to do one of our favorite things… Antique shopping! We seriously have an equal obsession with it. As a photographer I love sessions each being unique and customized! So I’m always out looking for new props to buy and have for seniors and engagements; whether it’s suitcases or stools, anything!

But yesterday I made a HUGE find (keep scrolling to see what), that I will be using in May for what I can’t say yet(; We ended up at a yard sale/antique store, that is run by the sweetest old lady. She’s 75 and loves┬áTrevor (whom she always thinks is my husband haha… not quite yet!). Needless to say we had an amazing time just driving and going to look for timeless props… it’s the little things.

Here’s some pictures from our little adventure!




IMG_1466 IMG_1460



Look at that handsome man over there!


I found a vintage bike!!


IMG_1501 IMG_1497

I can’t wait to use all these new props, and share it with you! Always take time to do a little antique shopping, it’s like going back in time.


My Prop Obsession




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