As an entrepreneur I have realized that the more I’m inspired the better I can help myself grow. What is inspiration? Being inspired isn’t planned or scheduled, it’s something that randomly happens and can change your view or even how you do something completely! Be inspired by other people in the same field as you; instead of wanting to be the best, LEARN from others! Almost everything I’ve been taught has been from fellow photographers. Take a nice walk and bring your camera, or read a few blogs, you’d be surprised at what can inspire you.

One of the biggest things that have inspired me is other photographers. Seeing other’s work and how they do things helps me in my business A LOT. Observational learning can help you tremendously in your work, and so can just being humble and accepting criticism.

Inspiration is what feeds creativity, it’s okay to get bright ideas from looking at others accomplishments (:

Photographers to inspire you!

Katelyn James

Caroline Logan

Hope Taylor

Natalie Franke

Jasmine Star


Inspiration Is Key




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