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I have recently had someone ask how to kickstart their business as a young photographer, so I thought I could give some tips! Keep in mind, I’m not an expert, these are just things that worked for me!

1. Start off with friends and family!

You never want to rush into finding clients you’ve never met, that comes along once you start with friends and family, it’s a chain reaction! When I first started I hardly had anyone book, but I kept going and did sessions with friends, they told their friends and it took off from there!

2. There is always room to learn! 

Never ever stop learning and practicing! Carry your camera around, do just-because shoots, and always be willing to learn more! Learn the insides and outs of your camera, learn editing (I recommend Lightroom), and also learn the business side of photography! Have a mentor, someone to push you and give you advice! Tryout classes and workshops! Continue to build your portfolio!

3. Social media is the BEST!

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all great ways to expand your business! Constantly share your work! Instagram has helped me SO much, I’ver met other photographers, shared my work, and more! Make sure you are always professional, and have happy clients! You never ever want an unhappy client talking on social media!

4. Be YOU!

Yes, there are amazing photographers out there, but you’re amazing too! Never try and be someone you aren’t! You want people to love your photography but more importantly YOU. If you do this, you will definitely be successful.  This is the one thing I strive for, being unique, creative, and different!




Where to start your business as a young photographer




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  1. Laithan Tucci says:

    Wow! I actually got a mention in a professional photographer’s blog! First of all, thankyou!
    I loved this. Short and simple, but true. It was great to read about how to get started, but from a very personal and achievable level.
    I love your photos, but even more, I love your personality! I can see your joy and care through all your photos.
    Thanks for iniring me! And keep it up!

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