I have done a lot of different sessions, but I LOVE doing senior shoots!! I have been wanting to share a blog about what the “Senior Experience” really is and why it’s so special and why you should choose it! (:

What I shoot for in a senior session is to capture your personality + make you feel beautiful, because you are! Every photo is special, and in this package you will definitely feel like a rockstar! I want you to have fun! So bring along one person who means a lot to you, and I’ll be sure to include them in a few shots!

The Senior Experience is one amazing way to sum up your last year of high school! Your session begins with meeting up with me at the Governor’s Cafe in Downtown Dover, I would love to treat you to a beverage and get to know you! We’ll then walk down to Beehive Beauty Shop to get your hair and make-up done! (straight or curled up to you!) between 11am-12pm on a Saturday, as well as get some great tips from Justyne herself! All you have to do is wash your hair the night before and blow-dry it, then meet  Justyne and I the Saturday we’ve chosen with no make-up on! and of course.. have a BLAST!

Choose a location of your choice for your session! Up to three outfit changes and you receive a minimum of 30 hi-res pictures uploaded to an online gallery, PASS, for you to download right to your computer!

What to wear! In three steps!

  • Be comfortable  !

You never want to feel out-of-place or uncomfortable, so choose something that feels just right!

Nichole had such a fun time during her session and was comfy enough to twirl for the camera!



  • Be different  !

Try choosing outfits that are casual, dressy, and unique! For example: A vintage prom dress!

Ah! Rebekah’s prom dress had her looking and feeling like a princess!


  • Try different patterns + textures + layers !

Being layered means if you cant decide between a t-shirt or jacket, wear both! The more layers the more unique + personalized your outfit!

Lexi’s patterned layers complimented her necklace and shirt!


Kiki’s striped dress really popped with the tree background!!

ChickaArtistica-SneakPeek-2VerticalsDepending on the season you do your session, dress accordingly… with style !

Winter Session


Summer Session


Fall Session


Spring Session


Overall I want you to have a great day and feel like a superstar! Any other questions please comment!

Best wishes and hope to see you soon!



Why choose the "Senior Experience" package?




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