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They had been going to school together since junior year and they started noticing each other a bit more towards the end of senior year. She was a little protective of who she let in her life so it was difficult. But Zach never stopped with buying Rachel hot chocolate, inviting her out to lunch, writing her notes, buying her flowers, etc. so then the two went on our senior trip in Williamsburg, Zach won her over completely. He shared his true heart for God and told her everything about him. Good and bad. A man had never done that for Rachel or trusted her like that. They then would walk the hallways of the hotel in Williamsburg until 2 or 3 am just talking and laughing and learning he had the “best” sense of humor. But he did always make her laugh 🙂 They had their first kiss that night and now after 6 months of tech school and a year long deployment, they are together and still in the same love they fell in while walking the halls of the hotel that one special night.

Zach then decided he wanted to marry the love of his life, he arranged a proposal for months, practicing dances with friends and planning the entire day. I was lucky enough to be apart of this special day capturing the amazing moment to come! It happened at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The two planned a normal day to have a nice date along the beach, well Rachel did anyway(; But Zach had bigger things in mind. As they went through the day the came upon a group of dancers, so Zach suggested they watch. As the dancers went on with their routine a song came on that the two knew and loved, it was then when Zach joined in the group himself, Rachel figured out what was going on. Zach then got on one knee and asked his best friend to marry him, and she said YES!
Here are some pictures from that amazing day.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

Rachel + Zach are an amazingly kind couple, they are so kind and sweet, I was lucky enough to be able to do their engagement photos! The day was nothing but talks and laughs, and of coarse some amazing photos! They are stunning! Thank you both for letting me capture the love you two share(:

Rachel is going to be a gorgeous bride!





Indoors was first!

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Fun with lights!





IMG_7913 IMG_7894

Rachel + Zach + their furball!

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IMG_7734 IMG_7655

On to downtown!

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And ended the evening with some final great shotsblog post 9

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Best wishes!



Rachel & Zach's Engagement Session




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    Meghan these photos are beautiful! You did an amazing job!

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